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Thursday, January 06, 2005

heyx everyone!=D.sorry for late update.heh heh..people tired mah.. haha.anywayx.i'm here to blog about today and the camp.haha.lol.today very fun.go school early early.chope place for angel yixin they all...then after that go see my peer class..woah...they all so naughty de lor.then go class and zuo bo...then last thing of the day had the SWIM SHADYS!!!hehe...i chao like the guy who dyed his hair and wear black tee...he so shuai...haha...and his name so unique de...then after their concert..i go opposite buy agar agar and then come back to school again...so hungry wor...then peer session...peer until go home...went home with khairul..haha..talk about xin yeow...haha..lol!!!damn funny!!!roflmao!!okay...so this leads me to talk about the camp.haha..lol...the trainers are quite nice la over all..but have one time...the An very scary...people bathing leh..then she go there and shout...i give u 10 seconds all of u better come out...then everyone soapy soapy then all run out...but she's quite funky if she wasn't so fierce...i scared siah...oh shucks..i can't post about xin yeow here...or else wait if any teachers find out then kena D/c by school...haha...nvm then...=P...if u all wanna know then come find me lor..haha...in fact dunnit find me..almost whole level knew what happened..lol!!!-sticks tongue out-...hehe...yay..tomorrow no school...i'm gonna reflect...and i already reflected...thAT i need NEW SCHOOL SHOES AND SOCKS!!!.....hehe..yay....MUAHAHAHAHAH!!!=)=)=)...so happy..have new things..lol...tmr gonna shop for them...lalala...~cya people on monday!!!tata!!~

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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

hello!!!(haha,why am i saying hi to myself.this is stupid.lol)anywayx.lol.i'm here to blog on ASJAB chalet!!!~whee.NC5 [except the bang-seh us one to go see her pinky boi..haha..] went to the chalet by bus 88 from amk!!when i reach amk mrt tt time hor.i was already late leh.then i very scared all waiting for me.then when i reach.eh noone le!then i thought all left w/o me le.then liwen came.then qijia.the huizhen.haha.lol.so.we all went to the chalet.woah.when go in it was like..packed.haha..lol..but sure have space de la.haha.then we all go see the seniors play bowling and stuff..then we all went back to chalet.. jass and i played mahjong throughout the night.haha..I AM THE MAHJONG QUEEN..heh heh.lol..=P...yay...then all of us go see sunrise.haha.the break water there so windy wor..so shiok.then i lie down for a while.to rest la,then fell asleep.then suddenly like felt a flash like that..like lightning leh...then i quick quick wake up...then it was actually nc5 and celine take photo of me..sleeping like a pig...alamak...chey..scare me..i thought gonna rain le..then after that went for breakfast.mac donals.haha.and went back to chalet again.play mahjong.and then go sleep le..finally..haha..and then when jass and i sleeping hor..then song,wen and jia went to ride bike and stuff ..haha..then wake up..eat again..kfc..haha.and we buy instant noodles for qingliang.haha.lol.then go back.play mahjong again.lol.then the bbq....then during the bbq..still playing mahjong.haha..lol...then after that around 4++..reaching 5 le..then we all go sleep...haha...i slept between celine and song..haha..then the next morning have pple call me wake up.then i'm like...heck la..let me sleep la..then i sleep sleep and sleep..then suddenly..woah..all so fierce..."WAKE UP LA!JOAN!HURRY UP LA!EVERYONE WAITING FOR U LEH!QUICKLY WAKE UP!!!"..woah..then i suddenly sit up lor..haha..then saw like everyone crowding around like that.so scary.then wake up wash up and play dai di with kazhua,jasmine,song,pinghua,dean..haha...lol..then after that go for breakfast le...again macdonals..haha..then we went home..in the train..i sleep sleep sleep..go home le..first thing also sleep sleep sleep..lol...so tired man..just now woke up at 7++gonna 8 le..then now..i'm going to sleep again..haha...cya pple!~....-sleeping beauty-...haha...bleahx...

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

heyo.yay!~today ish my birthday!~=D=D=D*grinx*heh hehx.many peeps send me sms to wish me happy birthday.haha.yay!~yipee..i'm 14!!~hehe.yay.had dinner at swensens just now.haha.yummy..but i'm kinda full.haha.lol.in the afternoon went shopping with mummy.hehe.yay.at causeway point.=D.oh yes.i wanna post about the comp today.haha.almost forgot.lol.=).comp was a good day.hehe.NC5 waited and waited for our turn..then till lunch hor...we still haven't done any of the 3 things yet leh.then after lunch came footdrill..then prac...then nursing..haha.the footdrill still alright.=).not bad.then after prac case..we all think..die le la..so soft..not much communication...surely dead de..then nursing.woah...we even more cham...then huizhen was like...die la...all of us oso berri worried..then prize giving come le..haha..we even more nervous sia...lol..we sit down hor...also very chao disciplined de.we all NC5 sit straight straight de.=).the rest like so slack like that.lol.yea.then the announce...best in first aid nursing cadet.....NC5!!!!!~...then we were like....-drop jaws-....haha..all oso fan ying chi dun...haha...then we realised it's us..and we went up lor..hehe..it's like we thought prac case we did the worst lor..yet we still won.haha..so happy...then they announce top 3....then we were also kinda shocked when we got 2nd la..hehe..but still oso berri happy...and u know..the nursing adult the most emotional de leh..they annonced nursing adult hor..then they say runner up.....NC1....haha...then weiting,lihui,waiching,celine,fungyi were like...eh..means we won!!!!!~woah...u look at their direction hor..u can see all the face oso very red de...den liwen turn around.haha.then she saw me cry le..then she say..haha..u oso crying arh...then she ownself oso cry..haha...yep yep...the ambulance cadet and adult did well too!!~=D=D=D...yay...=D..we brought glory to ASJAB...woohoo!!~~~whee...lol....i'm sho happy!!!~...hopefully NC5 will be strong enough to carry on the champ legacy!~...dun worry seniors...we will gambate de!~;)...at first on the 13th we were gonna take neoprint with our medals de..then dunno which hu2 tu2 chong2...forget to bring medal....haha..lol.okay la..it's me la...i forgot to bring medal..so tmr we are gonna go take neoprintx!!!~with our medals!!!~yay..haha..=D=D=D...yipee..NC5....c u all tmr!!~..=)...and the rest...meet ur on sunday for heart saver course..those din go heart saver de..then see u all at st john chalet!!!~...oh yes yes yes yes!!!!!i forgot to announce...I FOUND MY FRISBEE!!!!..yay..go chalet tt time can play...cya all!~buh byex~

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Sunday, December 05, 2004

hey=)yesterday we went ytss.lol.we are NC5!whee.and then guys com is AC3.then the sec 3 gurls is NA2.and the sec 3 guys are AA2.cool!~whee.comp is so near!!!and then the ytss lor.send so many teams de.crazy.*rolls eyes*lol.haha.nvm.dun tok about them.then we went for lunch at long john.haha.and then we go Jingjie's house!!!yay.yay.so fun!woohoo.so fun.went there.then i learnt to play mahjong!whee..realised smtng leh.weekeong like very pro in mahjong liddat.lol.but nvm.haha.my first shifu is celine.my second shifu is liwen.and my third shifu is jingjie!LOL!all the 4th mans..;)haha.i wonder where chitanya went.lol.hahahahahahahaha-roflmao-..and anyways..yea...after everyone went le.den i learnt how to play the snap thingy game.lol!hahaha....played with fangyi,jingjie at first.then jiaqing join.then cheryl.haha...we all feng diao le...crazy....it's like we put put and put the cards..then very okay de...then suddenly...SNAP!SNAP!SNAP!i say first i say first..u din put ur hand...blah blah...woah...jasmine the best man...haha...^^...she never ever lose de.lol...and woah..when i play mahjong and hear them play the snap that time hor..woah...can have heart attack de..lol.....haha...yea..yesterday was really fun!!;););)...^^^^^^.yea...haha...-grinx-

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Friday, December 03, 2004

*yawnx*i'm kinda tired ryte now but i'm still gonna type this post.lol.=).yea.camp was kinda fun la.=)yay.yes.thou i was a little sick.but it's alryte.i'm sure everyone evjoyed themselves.esp the seniors.haha.during TA..lol..woah.the jing jie and lihui's that wan the BEST man...poured shit over us lor.gao sai.haha.but still.we had fun with the shit.haha.then yea.the food was not bad la.chicken rice.at least it's chicken rice and not veggie rice eh?haha.yay.night walk.haha.so happy.the few lucky pple got to walk the night walk.aha.yea.and then came PT.lol.quite alryte.;).not bad.kinda fun.but only the jumping jacks..made my brain jump jump jump and the headache got worst.haha.but nvm.it's my fault.i din wanna fall out.lol.oh yes.then MED!haha.quite alryte too la.always also be first aider de.haha.yes.then break camp.yay.we won for the best flag!!wahaha.yay.yipee.lol..haha..youliang and wanli...haha..so cute leh..both like cute cute quiet quiet de.lol..very funny.and they choose the comp team thingy.haha...cool..the sec one guys comp hor..woah...best man...the standing position oso have pattern de...haha...yea.my bunk got aircon.wahahah..oh yes..and the field cooking.so fun sia..haha..the vincent and connie come help us..yay..then we boiled water for them..haha...zhen hao wan..so nice to play.haha...okie la..basically..i believe that everyone wud agree that this camp is considered better one lor.;)..compared to those we had in the past.haha..okie..tired le..gonna orhorh liaox..;)...cya pple...*snorex*

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

hey!~=)just got back from chalet.damn tired.lol.well.it just feels so short.i can even remember the things we did when we first reached there..it's ride bike!~lol.=)=)..and then abel we all go beach.then after that the other guys came.then we go.ride ride ride bike.then return bike.then the james lee and arkar ride too fast and too hard le..the chain of the bike dunno dropped out or what...hai..then we go eat..then check in..then yay!!~=)=)...then guys all go book the room de..=.="...then after that..we decided to go for a swim~whee...all of us no swim suit except elaine,zijun,misslee,and evelyn.lol..then we all oso heck la..just play in the water.then the stupid security guard came to kajiao us..so the guys...tuo arh...and went into the pool..then the yuxian we all dun wan..then we think think..then they go change SB..then go in..then at first i din wanna go in de..then i think..aiya.heck la..so just go in lor.haha.then this morning james lee say,"the security guard bian tai wan.he just wanna see gurls only."yuckx.disgusting man.arghx.hate this kinda da bian tai..pervert!~then after we swim and plaed water polo we went to BBQ~whee..then we cook the food and eat lor.haha.then miss lee go buy kfc for us.haha!~=).and then we eat lor.then after that we played the dunno what murderer detective and nurse game la.i think it's called marfia if i din remember wrongly.lol.then we go play bball..but so sian..hahaz.so i,chloe and yuxian went into chalet.caught them eating ice cream!!!whee.so we also ate with them haha.then we left to play badminton.lol.then dunno how come.yuxian din play le.then wanyi came to play.
then later laptak came.then we just play.then jelyn came.hehe.yay.=).then we play lor.laptak taught me some badminton skills.haha.lol.yes.it was very fun.the the shuttle cock keep going into the chalet.lol.at that time was already around 1++ or 2++ le.then we still play.then later miss lee gotta go..so we send her to guard house where she dailed a cab.and so we just sat and waited for the cab.=)then she went home.and we went back.then after that cheryl's guy came...hai..dunno what happen between them man..dunno why suddenly like this..=(..sad case.then we say ghost story.then the jonathan hor..so scary de lor.alamakx.!~haha.then after that.i fell asleep.till the next morning.haha!~whee..then like that lor..woah..this post very long le..i shan't continue.and i very tired le..oh ya!~just now went long john with yuxian, uncle kangIE,and abelardo.=)then hahaz.yuxian tell me.the guys next door very pervert.lol.they very er leh..pple bathing go look..believe it or not..if u do it again..we'll dig out all your eye balls and eat them up arhx!~..stupid bian tai..hahaz.okay la.anywayx..gonna sleep now!!!~*yawnx*..okie..cya pple!!!~

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Friday, November 12, 2004

hey peepx~sorry for not posting a new entry for the past few days..lol.i literally forgot all about my blog...*blush*..heex...lol..i saw wai ching tag!!~whee..yes yes..we wun let u down de..=)...*promise*...hahaz..i wonder if rach.xian xian and py have go appeal anot...but i din appeal leh..so i'm "stucked" in combi C..lol..i'm looking forward to monday!!!~whee...gonna have squad meeting..so those in angina squad...listen up..lol..haha..jkjk...remember our meeting on monday wor~~~=)=)=)...yupx yupx..and then..after squad meeting...me and my wonderful clique of 7 gonna go NTUC fairprice..to buy the food for the bbq we have on tuesday...=)...then so on tuesday i can't go for comp team training...hai.oh ya..monday we'll be camping at cheryl's house!!!~whee...then the next day set off for pasir ris...=)=)=)..whee...oh yea...did i say that i'm in love with a belgium guy???lol...hahaz...ang moh lang!~~~lol...but still...andrew better..haha..he's stuck in my head..~~~lol...okie la..gotta end here..oh ya..the day b4 yesterday my com crashed leh..i so worried...coz i missed one online date with my belgium guy..lol..okie...cya soon...!!!~~~

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